About BBA

BBA is a vibrant and well established UAE-based law firm with 30 professionals and offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain for more than 15 years. 

Our legal approach is versatile, combining knowledge of regional market trends with international best practice, and facilitates our Clients in navigating the UAE legal landscape smoothly while prioritising their business aspirations and particulars. 

Fluent in Arabic, English, French, Italian and Urdu, our talented team comprises professionals from diverse legal and cultural backgrounds, combining top-tier global knowledge with the unique cultural and industry varia of the Middle East. 

We possess jurisdictional rights of audience where our offices operate and we collaborate with carefully selected foreign law firms to assist our Clients in resolving legal issues worldwide. 

Our Clients represent diverse industries and interests, spanning the public and private sector, domestically and internationally headquartered.


Our Strengths




Define and protect our Clients’ legitimate interests to the best of our capabilities and in any situation, this is our priority and main promise.

More than a law firm, at BBA we become a strategic partner to our Clients, being local or international companies, SMEs or multinational companies, in UAE or overseas.




You can trust our lawyers to be always by your side, anywhere in UAE and abroad, ready to guide your business and your personal interests in the right direction before things get tough or to solve your problems when the situation seems to be desperate.

At BBA our Clients’ interests are at the centre of everything we do. We spare no effort to achieve the best results and we do not hesitate to give our genuine opinions, even when they run counter our Clients’ expectations.

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We have been provided legal assistance to individuals and businesses in the UAE and worldwide for more than 15 years. Although we keep learning every day in a constantly evolving industry, thanks to our extensive combined professional experience, we have probably already addressed a situation similar to yours.

Our in-depth knowledge of the UAE and GCC legal environment helps us to understand and meet our Clients’ needs while, thanks to the international roots and background of our lawyers we provide services to the highest international standards.



Local Presence

Our professionals have an average presence of more than 20 years in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries, and this represents a real advantage in a region where the personal relationship and personal reputation plays a key role.

Thanks to our large local network and our deep knowledge of the local public and private sector, we can guide our clients and partner in the right direction for achieving permanent positive results.