Insolvency and debt recovery is an unfortunate feature of any business environment, especially in an international commercial hub like the UAE.

At BBA, we are eagerly involved in the most complex debt recovery scenarios, since enforcement proceedings are instrumental in maintaining the regulatory trust and merchant confidence. 

We assist our Clients in recovering their debts within the UAE rapidly and effectively; however, since cross-border and credit-extensions agreements exacerbate debt defaults, we help our Clients in launching recovery proceedings against foreign-held assets.

Our pragmatic approach benefits creditors, debtors, administrators and liquidators at any stage, through the protection of their interests while securing time and resources. 

For corporate bodies, we skilfully manage debtor-creditor relations to avoid litigation. Alternatively, we advise our Clients on sophisticated schemes regarding debt-scheduling financial instruments. For individual creditors and defaulters, we help establish voluntary arrangements to guarantee future ease of business and settlement of obligations in arrears.

In all cases, where litigation is inevitable, our expert team vigorously safeguards our Clients’ rights and pursues their interests.



  • Domestic Debt Recovery
  • Debts Negotiations
  • Debts Settlement
  • International Debt Recovery
  • Enforcement of Judgements
  • Precautionary Attachment Orders 
  • Preventive Composition
  • Personal Insolvency
  • Bankruptcy