Society has changed dramatically over the last decades with a significant impact on family structures, and the UAE is not exempt. BBA is thus aware of the different domestic and international family law.

As family legal consultants, we seek outcomes through proactive mediation between estranged couples to ensure that their actions reflect their real interests. However, sometimes despite our Clients’ best efforts, family breakdown occurs, and marriages may often end in divorce. 

In disputes involving divorces, we guide our Clients of all cultures (expats & UAE nationals) towards amicable resolutions, conducive to avoid costly litigation where possible. Nonetheless, we vigorously represent our Clients when a dispute is the only viable and appropriate option. In this regard, our team comprises professionals skilled in ancillary matters, personal status cases and child-custody affairs.

We also adopt a precautionary policy, advising families with large estates to conduct them in diverse corporate forms as a surefire channel for wealth preservation and succession planning through bespoke instruments and trusts.

Moreover, we assist our Clients in protecting their loved ones in case of unfortunate events by drafting wills that foresee guardianship and custody of minors, asset allocation, administration and management.



  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Muslim & Non-Muslim Divorces 
  • Custody & Guardianship 
  • Spousal & Child Financial Support 
  • Wills for Muslim & Non-Muslim
  • Trusts, Probate & Estate Planning
  • Inheritance Disputes