At BBA, our prime focus is to pay close attention to the evolving regulatory insurance and reinsurance sector – one that has grown from a relatively new field to an all-purpose multi-industry vocation. 

We are familiar with its diverse applications in life, medical, corporate, media, entertainment, events, travel, sports, professional malpractice, vehicle, maritime, construction and Islamic Shari’ah compliant insurance schemes.

Insurance companies, brokers, agents, third party administrators and underwriters can trust us to understand their industry’s evolving regimes for their risk management, due diligence and instrumentation concerns.

For instance, obtaining regulatory approval from authorities and official channels for insurance practitioners can sometimes be a lengthy and convoluted process.

Our careful and meticulous contractual drafting expedites such procedures and prevents any snag and pitfall that could cause delays.



  • Policy & Products Structuring 
  • Insurance Scheme Structures & Compliance 
  • Insurance Regulation Updates
  • Insurance Claims Handling
  • Insurance Litigation & Arbitration  
  • Insurance Company Setup