A world governed by fast communications and massive data exchange means that many intangible products such as ideas, designs, brands, logos, images are fungible. Intellectual Property (IP) is thus a critical commercial asset for all businesses.

BBA is adept at copyright and trademark protection and development. We assist our Clients where sometimes native uncertainties about IP technicalities reign. In more specialised fields like patents, we work to ensure domestic and international protection to optimise IP value.

From the service to the industrial sector, be it artistic work (paintings, sculpture, art installation, books, scripts, video or music) or industrial design, we stress that our Clients procure the best legal protection before circulating its creation.

Through customised contractual drafting and review, we safeguard our Clients’ IP confidentiality from infringement, abuse and exploitation in a sometimes unscrupulous market. 

Furthermore, our experience into IP nature and legal parameters deliver differentiated service for multi-jurisdictional IP infringement litigation, especially where counterfeit and contraband are concerned.



  • Licensing & Rights Registration
  • IP documentation – Sale, Purchase, Non-Disclosure & Assignments
  • Due diligence – Infringement Identification & Author Rights
  • Database Rights & Design Protection 
  • Franchising, Passing off, Disposal, Ideas Outsourcing
  • IP Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Examination & Mediation
  • Copyright – Written & Artistic Work Management
  • Trademarks – Names, Logos, Brands Management
  • Patents – Ideas, Know-How, Inventions Management
  • Software – Domain Names, Website & App Contents