Irfan Ali Thanvi

Research Consultant – Singapore



Irfan Ali Thanvi is a professional born and raised in Dubai with a wealth of experience in the UAE market thanks to his deep involvement in different sectors, with a particular focus on the real estate and legal fields.

Irfan is cooperating with BBA as a Research Consultant and, is currently based in Singapore where he supports the local clientele and the expansion of BBA in the Republic of Singapore.

He has a decade long experience within the UAE, Malaysia and Singapore and his primary focus in the legal sector are Cyber Laws, Personal Status and International Trade Laws.

Irfan is an avid writer and has published books on Comparative Law.

His academic exposure in legal research makes him a  brilliant trainer for legal topics.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Comparative Law from the AIKOL College of the International Islamic University in Malaysia and is a member of the IIUM Alumni Association. He is an Alma Mater of ISTAC and AIKOL colleges of the IIUM.

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Urdu

Master Comparative Law, International Islamic University of Malaysia 


T. +971 (0)4 321 4231